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Situation Not Completely Normal: Vehicular Movement Started Through Sonapur

Sonapur of Meghalaya once again operational on Sunday after being blocked since last night on Friday. Vehicular movement has started on National Highway No. 6.

Due to road block in Sonapur Tripura was cut off from rest of India by road since from last few days.

Vehicular movement has started on the road surrounding East Jaintia Hill since Sunday. Goods and passenger vehicles runs almost the entire day due to reduce rain.

However, there has been some disruption in the movement of vehicles at times. Because even though the rainfall has reduced, the East Jaintia hill breaking and landslides have not stopped completely.

In general, the situation is not normal in the overall sense, but the fear has decreased.

Efforts are being made to remove the debris and maintain the speed of vehicular movement.

Long queues of vehicles stuck on Saturday reduced. The rainfall on Sunday has reduced significantly compared to the last few days. Along with this, the number of landslide has also decreased.

The task of removing landslides has become much easier to keep National Highway 6 open as the rain reduced.

According to the report Small and large vehicles are moving along National Highway number 6 almost uninterruptedly since Sunday afternoon.

An artificial tunnel under East Jaintia Hills is exposed at Sonapur.

An artificial tunnel was constructed in Sonapur to bring the situation under control. However, the situation is not completely normal. Risks and apprehensions have not been eliminated.

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