Social Media Addiction Of Indian Young Generation

State governments of 42 out of 50 states of America have filed criminal case against Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram’s company ‘Meta’.

These social media platforms are making the young generation there ‘sick’ and angry. As a result, this generation is forgetting education, business or career, social and family responsibilities and is moving towards negativity by becoming attackers.

If assessed in the context of India, our young generation has also become addicted to mobile.

It has become addicted to watching videos and reels from all over the world on different apps.

About 38.1 crore youth in India are in the age group of 15-29 years. This is the age of reading, writing, playing and making a better career. India is proud and proud of this young generation.

On this basis, India is the youngest nation in the world. We are proud and proud of this young work force because it can handle the responsibilities of the country.

It is also the weaver of our economy, but mobile is making our young generation hollow and mentally unstable.

India is the second country in the world in mobile production. We keep boasting about this. On an average, 60 lakh reels or videos are created every day in India, because social media is viewed or used by more than 40 crore Indians.

According to another study, about 45 percent of the population is fond of social media. The average young person spends 3-4 hours every day watching or commenting on Reels.

These reels are not educational or professional. In most of the reels, someone is seen dancing, singing or acting, or telling jokes or even displaying different costumes. There is a huge world of dating and relationship reels out there.

It’s natural for young people to have hobbies and spend a lot of time on the reels trying to make friends or eventually form relationships.

Many reels or videos are also pornographic. Our young generation has become so addicted to watching and making reels or videos on mobile that they are becoming victims of mental illnesses like depression, anxiety, insomnia, depression, eye diseases, post traumatic stress disorder etc.

The Corona pandemic has also made us mentally ill. Due to that also the cases are increasing. The US economy has lost more than Rs 16 lakh crore due to serious mental health conditions.

Such data has not yet been made available in the context of India. Apart from Corona, our youth are also inviting these mental disorders.

In India, there is no law or code of conduct to curb such behavior of the young generation. In America, about 32 percent of the youth are suffering from mental illnesses, as a result of which incidents of shooting are common, but in India, such public studies have not come to the fore at present.

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