Some People Have Given ‘Supari’ To Tarnish My Image: PM Modi

“There are some people in our country, who have been determined since 2014, they have declared their resolution that they will tarnish the image of Modi. For this, they have given ‘Supari’ to different types of people. To support these people, some people are inside the country and some are sitting outside also doing their work” Prime Minister Narendra Modi said these in Bhopal on Saturday.

The PM had come to Bhopal to flag off Madhya Pradesh’s first and country’s 11th Vande Bharat Express train. 

This train will leave Rani Kamlapati at 5:40 am daily and reach Hazrat Nizamuddin at 1:10 pm. 

During this, the train will stop at Jhansi, Gwalior and Agra stations. While leaving Nizamuddin station at 2:40 pm, it will reach Rani Kamlapati station at 10:10 pm.

The train flagged off by the PM will reach Agra on Saturday. Vande Bharat Express train will come from Nizamuddin to Rani Kamlapati on 2nd April. 

On April 3, it will again go to Nizamuddin from Kamalapati. From this day it become regular. Ticket booking has also started for this.

Prime Minister Modi reached Bhopal on Saturday and directly reached Kushabhau Thackeray Hall to attend the Commander’s Conference. He stayed here for about 4 hours and then reached Rani Kamlapati station at 3:10 pm. 

Here he flagged off the Vande Bharat Express train. The PM took a jibe at the Congress in his address.

He said- When this program was decided, I was told that there is a program on the 1st. I said why is it kept on 1st April? When the news comes in the newspaper that Modi ji is going to show the green flag on 1st April, then our Congress friends will make statements that Modi will make April Fools, but our train has already started today.

Prime Minister Modi, before his address, expressed grief over the incident at Beleshwar Mahadev Jhulelal Temple in Indore. 

He said, I express my grief over the incident that happened on Ram Navami in Indore temple. I pay tribute to those who left us untimely in this accident. I express my condolences to those families. I wish speedy recovery to the injured devotees who are undergoing treatment in the hospital.

PM Modi said that Madhya Pradesh has got its Vande Bharat Express train today. This will make the journey between Bhopal and Delhi faster. This train will bring new facilities for professionals, youth and businessmen. 

He said that it would have happened very rarely in the history of railways that a Prime Minister would have come again at the same station in such a short interval.

All of you had also given me the privilege of inaugurating the modern and grand Rani Kamlapati station where this event is being held. Today, I have been given the opportunity to flag off India’s most modern Vande Bharat train from here to Delhi. New arrangements are being made in this modern India, new traditions are being made… Today’s program is a perfect example of this.

Today on this program of April 1, our Congress friends will definitely give a statement that this Modi is making ‘April Fool’. But you see… this train started on April 1 itself. It is a symbol of our skill, capability and our confidence. The Congress continued to consider only one family as the first family of the country.

India of the 21st century is now working with new thinking and new approach. The previous governments were so busy in appeasement that they did not pay any attention to the satisfaction of the countrymen. They were engaged in the appeasement of votes and we are dedicated in the satisfaction of the countrymen.
After independence, they got a ready-made railway network, if the governments of that time wanted, they could have modernized the railways very fast, but for the sake of political interest, the development of railways itself was sacrificed. The situation was such that even after decades of independence, our North-East states were not connected with the railways.

“In the year 2014, when you gave me an opportunity to serve, I decided that this will not happen now, Railways will be rejuvenated. In the last 9 years, it has been our constant endeavor to make Indian Railways the best rail network in the world. Today railway stations are being modernised. Today Wi-Fi facility is being provided at 6,000 stations in the country. The work of installing CCTVs at more than 900 railway stations in the country has been completed” he said.

“Earlier, the MPs used to write letters that the train should be stopped at this station, stop here, stop there… this was what used to come. Today I am proud that when MPs write letters and demand that ‘Vande Bharat Train’ should be started in our country as soon as possible” PM Said.

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