Sonkar’s “All Is Well” And Sushanta’s Resignation….

BJP Tripura Prabhari Vinod Sonkar to visit the state in January as per the latest information. In his last and also first visit as prabhari near about one month ago what was the scene it’s an open secret. But still in his press conference Sonkar said that ‘all is well’ in the party. But now picture is that amid the clear complacency and apathetic attitude of the central leadership, the dissensions among a large section of BJP leaders here  is reaching a flash point with legitimate moral protests being voiced by dissident BJP MLAs and leaders opposed to the official faction of the party and government. In a new twist to the unfolding bizarre scenario, young and popular MLA Sushanta Chowdhury announced in an interaction with the media that he is resigning as invitee member of the BJP state committee. Sushanta has been a prominent member of BJP’s dissident MLAs who now have mustered support from a considerable number of fellow legislators. 
When contacted for reaction, Sushanta said that he will be sending his formal letter of resignation as invitee member from the BJP’s state committee to the state president Dr Manik Saha today i.e Saturday. Asked for reasons for his resignation Sushanta said that he had been assigned no role in the party’s organizational work as ‘invitee member’ . “I am an invitee member and senior MLAs and leaders like Sudip Roy Barman and Asish Saha also continue to be invitee members; a conscious and deliberate attempts are on to undercut my stature as MLA in my constituency where a former mafia of CPI (M) and secretary of DYFI local committee Shyamal Das has been appointed as ‘Yuba Morcha’ president , replacing a tested local leader of the party only to undermine my position ; this Shyamal Das had tried to break my vehicle and assault me before the last assembly election” said Sushanta.
He said that a gang of mafia elements had been set on by the official faction to sabotage a rally he had called on December 27 in his constituency at Mazlishpur in Jirania subdivision but the rally was a huge success. “Unnerved by this the official faction has now appointed another dubious element Sumit Chakraborty as president of the ‘Mandal’ committee, replacing a veteran and tested leader for many years, Gouranga Bhowmik ; this Sumit Chakraborty is now trying his best to subvert a motor bike rally I have called for on January 3 ;they will fail miserably because people and particularly the youths are with me but the situation will be vitiated” said Sushanta. He refused to make any comment on the role of the party’s central leadership but hinted that  unless corrective measures are taken the party will sink deeper in Tripura. Notable that according to the political analyst ahead of BJP Tripura Prabhari Vinod Sonkar’s visit, resignation from the state committee of MLA Sushanta Chowdhury, is very much significant as sonkar himself told that ‘all is well’ in the party in his last visit.

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