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Students Blocking Road For Teachers. Govt Not Recruiting Us: TET Passed Candidate

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It is not possible to build a better Tripura if there is scarcity in everything in the state. TET passed job aspirants of 2022 said that there is shortage of teachers in schools. But government is not recruiting them.

On Monday they joined the protest in front of the Shiksha Bhavan, the Directorate of Education Department government of Tripura.

As per the tradition of previous years, the TET passed job aspirants holding protests for the past few months.

In 2022, 361 people passed TET. They protested in front of the Shiksha Bhavan alleging that the TRBT issued their pass certificates quickly but did not give them appointment letters which provoked anger against the government.


In order to get jobs, they pointed fingers at the government on the allegations that there is a shortage of teachers in the state’s schools and said that if there is a shortage in everything, how is it possible to build Ek Tripura Srestha Tripura?

They demanded to appoint them to eliminate the shortage of teachers.

“Students are blocking roads due to lack of teachers. So we want to be responsible. But we want responsibility in exchange for remuneration. Many times we asked for an opportunity to meet the ministers but was not allowed” they said.

They expressed their anger in the protest saying that if this continues, this is not good sign for the state’s education in the future. 

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