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Students Of Kabi Nazrul College, Sonamura Attacked Principal, Others For Freshers’ Day Fund

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Sonamura Kabi Nazrul College witnessed a tainted chapter. Starting from the principal of the college, several professors were attacked by the students. 

Students even vandalized various college furniture including chairs, tables. 

According to the details of the incident, some students of the college were collecting money from the students of the college as they were going to hold a welcome ceremony of the freshers in the college. 

This was prevented by the college principal and other professors.

So the students went to meet the principal and ask for money for the program. Principal Ud Narayan Adhikari made it clear that there is no money in their fund for this program. The state government has no guidelines for college authorities for freshers welcome ceremony. 

Then the ‘noble students’ started attack on Principal. Even the other professors accompanying the principal were not spared from their hands. 

They vandalized various materials including benches of the class room of the college. 

The injured are Principal Udayanarayan Adhikari, Professor Manbendu Debnath, Pranab Das, Jadabbindu Malakar. 

The principal strongly condemned this incident.

 Soon after this incident, the college authority informed Sonamura police station. 

The accused students involved in the incident ran away from the college before the police arrived.

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