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Supervisor Suspended: Housekeeping Staffs Stages Protest At MBB Airport

The authority suspended supervisor from MBB Airport. In protest all the cleaning staffs stages agitation.

The incident took place on Tuesday at MBB Airport Agartala. 

It is known that MBB Airport dismissed the supervisor due to mistakes made by the workers. Terminal Manager Siddharth Mazumder suspended him for six days.

Supervisor name is Kishore Chowdhury. The supervisor has been suspended for six days by the terminal manager for misconduct. 

But the housekeeping staff protested to the terminal manager as it was very inhumane. The terminal manager then allegedly suspended 131 housekeeping staff for three days.

Due to this situation gets heated. Housekeeping workers holds protest at airport. They complain that the terminal manager constantly abuses them mentally. If they do not get their attendance signatures every day, they are absent and anyone who comes 10 minutes late at the specified time is sent home by the terminal manager. 

Similarly, all of them were suspended for three days when they protested after such an inhumane incident with the supervisor, said a house keeping worker. 

The airport police rushed to the spot of the incident after receiving information. The police managed to bring the situation under control.

On the other hand Terminal Manager Siddharth Mazumder claims Supervisor Kishore Chowdhury was not efficient in his duty.

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