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While many Indian sports fans are disappointed with the final results of the World Cup, many people are also watching it from a political perspective.

The way the Indian team kept winning continuously throughout the game and the performance of our players was seen to be much better, many records were also made, there was a natural expectation that India would win the World Cup.

But the same team proved to be weak while playing against Australia in the final match, so disappointment regarding this is natural.

But cricket is called a game of uncertainties. It is difficult to say when and under what circumstances even a strong team becomes weak.

Overall, the performance of the Indian team cannot be called bad even in the last match. Three of its players were out early while batting, so the team started playing defensively and the rate of runs slowed down.

The players also gave their full strength in bowling and fielding. But the way people were already excited and had full faith that the Indian team would win the World Cup this time, due to that belief, many people were not able to watch this match in the spirit of sports and are disappointed.

As efforts are made to identify the weak points after every defeat, the World Cup is also being examined from different angles.

Many people are blaming the Indian team’s defeat on the bad pitch, because the Australian team had decided to bowl first due to this reason. But the Indian team had played in the same stadium before and was well aware of the nature of that pitch.

Therefore blaming the pitch also cannot be considered right. Many people are surprised that the Indian team hit only four fours in the last forty overs.

Not a single four or six was hit in twenty-seven overs. What happened that Indian players, who looked unbeatable, became so lethargic?

The major reason for this can be considered to be the psychological pressure on the team due to three players being out in the beginning. In this way the team kept playing defensively.

But the skill of the bowlers of the Australian team cannot be ignored in that they gave very little opportunity to the Indian batsmen to hit fours and sixes.

Some people are also suspecting betting in this. Since this has happened on some occasions in the past and due to this, some Indian players have also been punished.

The Supreme Court had also formed a committee to ban betting. Due to increasing political interference in the cricket board, apprehensions have been raised about the performance of the Indian team.

But behind all these allegations and apprehensions, it can be said that there is more emotional anger.

In this way, an attempt is being made to greatly underestimate the ability of the Australian team.

Undoubtedly, it would have been a matter of pride for the Indian team to win, but this defeat should be evaluated keeping in mind the performance of the Australian team. Its performance in the entire game also cannot be called bad. The game should be played and watched in the spirit of sports only, not from a partisan or political point of view.

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