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Surrendered Militant Occupied Land: Residents Blocked Road In Kanchanpur

About 1,235 members of surrendered militant group occupied aprox 28 acres land of forest department and land of local residents at Manu Manpui area from Kanchanpur to Machmara, under Laljuri RD block of Kanchanpur sub-division, North Tripura district.

At the same time, a large number of trees of different species are cut down in the forest area. The occupying work started from last March 25. 

But administratively there is no action. One of the surrendered militants is Sachindra Riang. He is Kantalang in Jampui Hill. It is known that 800 families of surrendered militants have built houses at that place. 

Even sentry posts are being made and monitoring is going on. According to sources, newly arrived families from Mizoram who do not have valid documents are also building houses in the area. 

Members of the administration delegation instructed them to release this land. At the same time, they have been asked not to cut any trees and not to build houses. The dispute between the two communities over the possession of this land has continued for a long time. Surrendered militant group members continue to do so without authorization.

The internal security of the subdivision is at risk. Meanwhile, due to this incident on Monday, local residents of Pecharthal and manu area raised allegations of illegal settlement in the four kilometer area of ​​Manu road from Kanchanpur. 

Their statement was that there is a fear of destroying the peace and harmony between the tribes and non tribes in the Kanchanpur area for a long time. So the people of Kanchanpur demanded that the atmosphere of peace should not be destroyed in any way.

 The residents of Kanchanpur and Bazar Committee jointly submitted the memorandum to the Sub-Divisional Magistrate in this regard. 

It was demanded that the Sub-Divisional Magistrate conduct an immediate investigation and take action as per the law. 

Within 12 hours of the deputation, the patta recipients holds the road blockade in Kanchanpur Motor Stand Chowmuhani area to protest this incident and demand appropriate action. 

Traffic on this road was stopped for a long time. Police and administrative officials of Kanchanpur police station rushed to the spot of the road blockade. 

They assured that the district and sub-division administration will hold a meeting with the Chief Minister of the state.

Everything will be brought up in that meeting. Decisions taken from the meeting will be communicated to them.

After receiving this assurance, the Patta recipients lifted the road blockade.

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