Survey, Intelligence Report And The Five States Election

Prime Minister Modi claims that he is able to read the ‘Hawa ke Rukh’ (wind’s direction)’. This claim was made in the context of Chhattisgarh elections. The Prime Minister also announced that it is time for the Congress government to ‘move away’. Chief Minister Bhupesh Baghel is also losing the election.

Actually this is the election season. Congress leaders are also claiming that there will be a crushing defeat for BJP. Congress is also claiming victory in all five states.

Of course, the Prime Minister is aware of the ‘wind’s direction’ because he is briefed by intelligence agencies at all levels.

The intelligence leads that reach the Prime Minister also include election assessments, but intelligence analyzes have also been inaccurate in the context of elections.

Of course, Prime Minister Modi has a long experience of public life, but in many states he has failed to read the direction of the wind.

BJP lost the assembly elections in states like Karnataka, Himachal, Punjab etc., while Prime Minister Modi was the star campaigner of the party.

He addressed many public meetings. His ‘road shows’ were also organized and he seemed to get tremendous support from the public, but the BJP was defeated.

BJP is ruling in Punjab’s neighboring state of Haryana and in Himachal too, it has been coming to power every five years, but till date Prime Minister Modi and BJP have not been able to know the political and electoral ‘winds’ of Punjab, so that they can participate in the electoral rivalry. Can remain involved.

It is another matter to contest elections in alliance with Akali Dal, but BJP alone is almost ‘zero’ in Punjab.

BJP is still almost missing in the southern states like Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh, even though it has ruled the central government for nine and a half years and will complete 10 years by the general elections.

BJP and the Prime Minister are also optimistic about the mandate of the general elections of 2024.

Narendra Modi has been the general secretary in-charge of the party organization in many states of the country. There are also RSS branches there. That support is also with the BJP and the Hindu vote bank in those states is also wide and strong, but the Hindus, OBCs and Dalits etc there are not polarized electorally in favor of the BJP.

Why can’t Prime Minister Modi read the ‘wind direction’ of those states? BJP was very active in Telangana and was trying hard for power, but suddenly something happened in the organization or the ‘winds’ seemed to be completely opposite, hence the efforts got weakened.

Now on December 3, it will become clear which party got how much mandate in which state?

However, there are chances of BJP forming governments in Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh and Congress government may remain intact in Chhattisgarh.

In all the surveys that have been conducted so far and whatever their findings have been, Chhattisgarh is still in Congress’s share. The basic reason for this is that despite being in opposition, BJP has remained inactive for the entire five years. Dr. Raman Singh remained the Chief Minister for 15 consecutive years, but as soon as he came into opposition, he was also pushed to the margins.

Although he is still contesting the elections. BJP could not pose a challenge to the Congress government for the entire five years. Prime Minister Modi has made claims of ‘Hawa ke Rukh’ in public meetings and Congress is announcing the defeat of Chief Minister Baghel, because serious allegations of ‘Mahadev Satta App’ and bribe of Rs 508 crore given to the Chief Minister are in the air. The real situation will become clear soon.

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