‘Taka Nai’ Remains In BJP Era Also…….

Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb on Wednesday sought financial assistance of Rs. 2761 crores to meet the state’s revenue deficit to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Deb also sought Rs.600 crores to complete the ongoing projects amounting to Rs. 1000 crores. He also urged to remove the moratorium from the externally aided scheme because of the state’s fragile economic condition due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic and other factors. The Tripura government also applied for a loan of Rs 600 crores from the NABARD to tide over the fiscal deficit during the current financial year. Now problem is that people of Tripura were used to heard Kendrio Banchana, Taka nai etc type comments from earlier Left Front Government. As same government both in Central and State public believe that there is no problem of at least like financial crisis. There are many questions as to why the financial condition of the double engine government is such. Some of the financial experts of the Tripura central university said,  lack of experience of the cabinet on the question of integrated financial management is responsible for this. Moreover, there is a lack of skilled and experienced bureaucrats in the state administration to maintain order in the financial system. All the bureaucrats who have no experience in finance are being given the responsibility of the finance department.Due to the huge revenue deficit at the end of the financial year, central projects are not being funded as part of the state. The social allowance money is not going to be increased as promised in the vision document. As per report it is not possible to pay the arrears of thousands of bills of many departments. Because the government has been continuing to spend carelessly for so long. There is also a question as to why Rs 38 crore will be spent to create a DPR for a smart city where there is a severe financial crisis. Due to lack of funds, many reforms of the government are stopped at the moment. At present, not even a quarter of the money required in various departments is being met. As a result, many departments are struggling to make urgent and essential expenses. But still as the double engine government is there let’s hope for the best.

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