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Takarjala Ultras Have Link In Litan Nath Abduction Case, Suspectes Police

Singarmani Reang who has been caught from Takarjala is the main culprit in the Litan Nath abduction case, claims police. A team of police officials from North District led by L Darlong went to Takarjala yesterday to bring Singarmani Reang. SP North also came to Longai Valley. The Longai river passes through Assam Tripura and Mizoram. The police became active as the higher officials also stayed in Damcherra for a time few days ago and there was a hint that a new terrorist group might be there in Longai Valley. Police officials are collecting some facts about them. The new terrorist group consists of Reanf tribals and few youths of minority communities. There are clear evidences that the new terrorist group is involved with kidnapping case of Litan Nath from Birkumar Reangpara of Damcherra on November 27. Police said that there are many cases against Singarmani Reang in Assam Mizoram and Tripura. Police of three districts of three different States organized a meeting and a plan has been to catch all the members of this new terrorist group.

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