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Take Action Against Miscreants Involved In Violence: Jiten To DGP Tripura

Opposition CPI (M) leader and MLA Jitendra Chaudhury in a complaint to the DGP and SP of Gomati district to register three separate complaints of victims of post- poll violence and to take legal action against miscreants, who are responsible for physical at- tacks on them and intimidation.

CPI(M) state secretary Jitendra Chaudhury in his letter to DGP and SP(Gomati) said that in the complaints, the victims refer to an inci- dents of attacks on May 14th at Shalgarh Chowmuhani Bazar, Udaipur, where they were mercilessly beaten up and subjected to grievous injury.

All the victims had to be admitted in Hospital for treatment. In all the FIRS, the ac- cused are mostly common.

The complainants informed him that, though the complaints have been submitted to the police stations, those were not treated as FIR because the accused named in the com- plaints have attachment with ruling BJP.

On the other hand, the accused are now threatening the victims to drive them out of their residence for their ‘fault’ for lodging complaints against them, said Chaudhury in his letter.

He urged the police administration and said that they would not hesitate to accept these complaints as FIRS and to take action against the accused accord- ing to law and thereby render relief to the vic- tims so that they can live in their own house peacefully.

Chaudhury in his letter has also at- tached three separate FIRS in his complaint let- ter filed by victims Nani Das, Hakim Miah and Mairab Bibi of Shalgarah, Udaipur.

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