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Talk Immediately To The Terminated Teachers: Intellectuals Writes To Chief Minister On Sunday

Several journalists, writers, artists, literary figures and some members of the civil societies in the capital Agartala have demanded immediate talks with the retrenched teachers. In a publicly signed letter to the Chief Minister, they expressed deep concern over the issue, saying that 10,323 teachers, who were sacked due to the court’s verdict, have been protesting on the streets in front of Agartala City Center since December 6, 2020.On a cold winter’s night, their elderly parents and relatives, even the mothers of the nursing mothers, are lying on the streets. Thisscene is hard to bear.In the meantime, at least 5 of these teachers have committed suicide due to lack, frustration and severe mental anguish. At least 83 teachers have died of depression-related illnesses since the dismissal. Intellectuals were shocked by the government’s behaviour, saying in their letter that a university-winning gold medalist had also committed suicide by drinking acid after returning home from a public place. But these teachers are the children of our state, our children, brothers and sisters, relatives. For 8 to 10 years, they have taught in the schools of this state with devotion and respect. They are not responsible in any way for who or what they forgot to be fired from.However, it is a matter of great regret that the government is still completely silent on this issue. They continue to adopt a surprising indifference. These teachers are not showing any human response to the indescribable grief. To date, in 48 days, no government representative has visited them, no interest in listening to them! The government is responsible for this, the government has to take their responsibility. Intellectuals believe that no responsible elected government can show such indifference towards its citizens.Incidentally, as soon as the people of Tripura know, these 10,323 teachers were promised jobs before the last assembly elections, assured that the problem would be solved permanently from a humanitarian point of view.Although the teachers received police batons during the Mahakaran Abhijan, on October 3, the Chief Minister himself called the teachers’ representatives and promised a permanent solution within two months. After waiting for two months and not getting a positive response from the government, they have been in agitation for an indefinite period.In their letter to the Chief Minister, the intellectuals have kindly requested that he and his government take immediate action to end this situation.It is also requested to take sincere steps to solve the problem of these teachers by leaving the wrong and unwanted way of avoiding or ignoring them by requesting to talk to the teachers who are not one day late.

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