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TCA Incident Is Not Isolated. It’s Reflection Of Internal Chaos Of BJP: Tripura CPIM

“Tripura Cricket Association or TCA is the richest sports organization in the state. Supporters of the same party brandished arms on behalf of various leaders in front of the TCA office on Saturday to loot the money of this organization. Beats former Ranji captain. Where is the BJP taking the state?”

CPI(M) Tripura State Secretary and Assembly Leader Jitendra Chowdhury said this while reacting on the fight of two groups of ruling party in front of the TCA office and the shown of pistols in front of the uniformed police on Saturday.

He said that administration and police were used naked to take over the TCA. It’s a shame for us.

The way the state of Tripura is being managed today will cause huge damage in the future, said Choudhuru

Jitendra Chowdhury said, the incident that happened in front of TCA yesterday will have a multi-faceted impact on our social life. I strongly condemn this incident. I appeal to all the patriots, democracy lovers, those who love the state to open their mouths against it. This is not a comfortable situation for any party, whichever party you belong to.

Jitendra Chowdhury himself was the sports minister in the state for twelve years. In this regard, he said that there has been no mafia violence in the management organization of any sports organization. Now the Sports Minister is on one side, the Chief Minister is on one side, the Union Minister is on the other side. Everyone is working together in the name of development. What happened in TCA is not an isolated incident, it is a reflection of the chaos that is going on in all fields, including political and social.

Those are running the government They are already in the minority running the government. They came to power by getting 40 percent votes in the election. This 40 percent vote is also based on inducements and false assurances. It lacks the positive support or love of people. So whatever the 32 MLAs, Double Engine say from outside they are very weak from inside. They know their existence is very short. They could fall any day. So after coming back to the government, their policy is to earn money however they can. To become rich overnight. It is from this mentality that the mafia and arms flourished to take over the TCA.

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