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TCA Issue Reached High Court. Next Hearing On Wednesday

Tussle between two factions in the Tripura Cricket Association reached to the High Court. The court on Wednesday directed all the parties to appear in court to break the deadlock of the association. 

Because Tripura Cricket Association had a good reputation at one time. But Tripura Cricket Association has been tarnished in the last few days.

A few days ago there was a lot of tension around the election of TCA. However, the election was finally completed. Within a few months after the election, the tussle between the two groups reached its final shape. 

There was a deadlock in the TCA where the sub-divisional administration had to stand up and break the lock of the TCA. This is not the end. Next time several office bearers including the Vice President has been physically and mentally tortured by outsiders in front of the TCA office. 

People of the state also witnessed the flashing of weapons there.

But the police have so far failed to arrest the youth. Meanwhile, the deadlock of TCA continues. As a result, the game has completely stopped. In this situation, the two life members approached the High Court to break the deadlock of TCA. A preliminary hearing was held in the High Court on Tuesday . 

All parties presented their statements there. Lawyer Shankar Lodh appealed to the High Court on behalf of the Secretary, Vice-President and Treasurer of TCA. 

He faced the journalists and said that every one have presented their statements. The High Court judge after hearing all the statements directed all the office bearers of TCA to be physically present in the court on Wednesday to solve the problem through discussion. 

At the same time, the judge also ordered the two life members who approached the high court to be present in the high court on Wednesday. 

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