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TECC Criticized Govt For 26% Pending DA

“The anger of teachers and employees is burning like a fire of chaff over various deprivations including DA. Transfers, threats and physical attacks will not last long”

This is how the leadership of the Tripura Employees Coordination Committee warned the BJP coalition government.

In the road meeting organized at Paradise Chowmuhani on Wednesday evening, Chairman of the organization Mahua Roy said that the BJP had a promise. If there is a double engine government in the state, teachers and employees will get all the facilities at the central rate. In fact, the DA gap has increased to 26 percent.

The general secretary of the organization, Swapan Ball, said that the BJP coalition government is taking away the acquired rights of the teachers and employees of the state. Those who had campaigned before the 2018 Assembly elections that only Tripura would have fixed pay, contractualization, have closed the doors of government jobs after coming to power. Staff are being recruited in various departments through contractors. Teachers and staff cannot be silenced by repression.

“Various teacher-employee organizations are continuing to fight with the 7-point demand in the all-India field. All BJP-ruled states will meet in a large rally at Ramlila Maidan in Delhi on November 3 on the basis of demands such as bringing back the old pension system, stopping the privatization of state-owned sectors, withdrawing the National Education Policy-2020, etc.” he said.

Mahua Roy raised 7 points in the national and 10 points demands in the state leve. Swapan Bal said that since the establishment of the Modi government, there have been attacks on teachers and employees across the country. Pension schemes are the first to be hit. NPS has been introduced by withdrawing the erstwhile ‘Defined Benefit Pension System’. As a result, the person who has served the country and the common man throughout his working life will be eligible for a pension of Rs 1500-1600 per month. In this state, the Left Front government did not allow that rule to be implemented. In 2018, the BJP government announced the launch of NPS.

Swapan Bal said, Modi is talking about self-reliant India. Meanwhile, all the government assets of the country are being sold. Unbridled commercialization is going on in the country. People are not being recruited to government vacancies. Workers are being hired on low wages through contractors. The power of retrenchment at any time is left to the contracting agency. The right to organize teachers and employees is being taken away. Despite the passing of time, the word “two” is not in the mouth of the Prime Minister in the formation of the eighth pay commission.

Highlighting the deprivation of teachers and staff, he said that before coming to power in 2018, the BJP campaign was depriving the teachers and staff of the Left Front government. Once the government can be changed, both hands will be full. Only 20 percent D A is paid in the first 5 years. DA was granted twice a year on January 1 and July 1 every year under the rule of the Left Front government. During the first 5 years of BJP’s rule, 22 per cent of DAs left arrears. It is now 26 percent as the central government increased DA by another 4 percent.

Swapan Bal said that Vidyajyoti project is part of the new education policy. It is actually an attempt to indoctrinate students and privatize education. The parents understand now that Vidyajyoti has destroyed everything. Fees are allocated every year in the name of school development. The registration fee has increased manifold. Fees of thousands of rupees have to be paid to sit for secondary and higher secondary examinations. Boys and girls from poor families will leave the school like this. All over the country, teachers and employees are speaking out against this. The struggle to protect the acquired rights is intensifying. In that place, if the government of this state thinks that the voice of teachers and employees can be suppressed through outrageous transfers, repression, then it will be wrong. Anger burns like a fire of chaff.

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