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Technical Problem: Agartala-Kolkata Air India Flight Narrowly Escaped

Air passengers narrowly escaped from a major accident. Air India flight AI-744 encountered a technical problem after take off from Agartala to Kolkata on Friday .

The pilot noticed the matter and quickly brought the aircraft back from the runway and put it in the bay and got all the passengers off safely.

An Air India official said all passengers were deplaned due to a technical problem on the flight from Agartala to Kolkata. Arrangements have been made for them to take another flight to Kolkata.

Air India flight from Kolkata arrived at Agartala on Friday morning as per scheduled. Again the plane was preparing to fly for Kolkata with passengers.

Air India flight AI-744 was approaching the runway when the aircraft’s smoke detector began to sound a distress signal. The pilot immediately brought the aircraft back from the runway to the bay to diagnose the problem and allowed all passengers to disembark safely.

Passengers panicked for a while in that incident. But, they quickly became normal due to the efforts of the staff.

As far as is known, there was a problem with the plane’s hydraulics. A little smoke started coming out due to overheating. Aircraft smoke detectors are able to detect it very quickly, thus avoided major hazards.

There were a total of 132 people on the plane including passengers, pilots and flight attendants.  

An Air India official said there was no major problem with the plane. A slight technical problem occurred. Sometimes they face such problems. Hence, it is nothing to worry about.

He added that the passengers of the plane were brought down safely. There were a total of 124 passengers on the plane. Arrangements have been made for them to take another flight to Kolkata.

According to him, the aircraft is currently being repaired at MBB Airport. The aircraft will return from Agartala on Saturday after being repaired.

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