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TEDA-NTPC Signed MoU To Install 130 MW Floating Solar Panels In Dambur Reservoir: CM Manik Saha

Chief Minister Dr Manik Saha Inaugurated the workshop organized by the Department of Electricity and Asian Development Bank on Wednesday.

The workshop was organized under the banner of ‘Power Transformation of Tripura’.

Speaking in the workshop CM Saha said:

“The government has set a target of generating 500 MW of renewable electricity in the state by 2030”

“along with the increase in population, the demand for energy is also increasing day by day. Energy is essential in every aspect of life nowadays. There is currently no way to deny the magnitude of the resultant force” 

“This workshop will play an important role in improving renewable energy in the state to meet the desired goal of energy production in our country”

“renewable energy has become important all over the world in creating a clean environment for future generations and in conserving resources. Our country is leading the developing countries in improving socio-economic standards by keeping the environment clean. The country has given importance to the promotion and expansion of renewable energy. Target has been set of 500 GW of renewable energy generation and a commitment to increase 50 percent renewable energy from non-fossil fuels by 2030.”

On the occasion, the Chief Minister highlighted the infrastructural development of the state and said that the government has given priority to the establishment of renewable energy centers in the state. TEDA has set up 20 MW renewable energy plants in the state. Tripura Power Generation Limited has undertaken to implement 120 and 84 MW CCGT projects in Rukhia and Baramura instead of 63 and 42 MW OCGT projects. Tripura Power Generation Limited has also started setting up small hydropower plants of 30 MW capacity at various locations in the state. 

“TEDA has also set a target of generating 500 MW of renewable electricity in the state by 2030. For this purpose, initiatives have been taken to set up solar grid power, floating solar, canal solar, roof top solar, micro grid solar etc. Also, TEDA has already signed an MoU with NTPC to install 130 MW of floating solar panels in Dambur Reservoir” said CM.

The Chief Minister said that renewable energy is currently becoming an important component of the country’s energy planning process. Central and state governments have adopted various policies and programs to promote and expand renewable energy in rural and urban areas. 

The Chief Minister said that currently the state has a favorable industrial policy to attract investment in the industrial sector. 

Based on this, the Chief Minister called upon entrepreneurs from home and abroad to invest in renewable energy production in the state.

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