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Teliamura: SI Arrested For Drinking On Duty, Misbehavior

The line of the song “Mujhko pina he pine do, mujhko jeena he jine do” has become a reality now that a drunken police officer of Teliamura police station become problematic for his drunken behavior.

Against the police officer SI Ramakrishna Das such complaints.

It is known that for a long time there have been many complaints against police officer Ramakrishna Das of Teliamura police station, but everything was forgiven due to the fact that he was favorite of OC.

But this time an investigation has been started against this police officer Ramakrishna under Section 90 of the Tripura Police Act.

On Monday, the sub-inspector of Teliamura police station Ramakrishna Das, while on duty in the state of extreme drunkenness, was accused of disorderly conduct and behavior.

The police personnel of Teliamura police station were fed up with his one after another such behavior.

Now the drunk sub-inspector Ramakrishna has been arrested and investigation has started against him.

According to the report during the last Durga Puja, this sub-inspector Ramakrishna Das was intoxicated and allegedly beat up common people with harassment. But even then, for some unknown reason, the higher authorities of the department did not take any action against that sub-inspector.

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