Temples Of Learning Become Centers Of Business

It will be called the failure of our system that there has been a lack of universities in the country according to the needs of the youth. 

The government universities and institutes that are present in the country too, they are unable to keep pace with the needs of the times. 

This is the reason why students are turning towards private universities for the aspirations of a bright future. 

Where students take admission in spite of high fees so that their future can improve. 

It is ironical that the country’s cheeky politicians never thought that there is a need to increase the expected expenditure on education in this country with the largest number of youth in the world.

When we claim that this is the century of knowledge, then our effort should also be that the opportunities to get knowledge are easily available for every common student. 

Can India dream of becoming a ‘Vishwa guru’ with the help of such an education system? 

Recently, the University Grants Commission has released a list of twenty fake universities. Also warned that the degree of these universities will not be valid anywhere. 

But the question is why there is so much delay in taking this decision? These universities do not established overnight. There will be thousands of students who must have studied in these universities for years. 

On the basis of misleading advertisements and money power, such an atmosphere is created that these universities are the path of dreams. 

Do the rulers of the country not see that such a university does not fulfill the legal requirements. 

See the irony that out of the twenty universities which were recently declared fake by the University Grants Commission, eight are in the national capital Delhi itself, where all the regulatory institutions related to the country’s education are located. 

After all, how long were the alleged fake universities running there? The question is also how will the compensation be given to those students who have obtained degrees from these universities?

Undoubtedly, today the temples of learning have become centers of business. After getting the status of recognized university, many such educational institutions are opening in the country.

 It seems that there has been a spate of deemed universities in the country. Multi-business people who have become newly rich by earning money from various businesses are now playing the game of gaining prestige in the society by opening universities. 

Children of people with limited resources enroll in these universities in the hope of a better future. 

In such a situation, after declaring these institutions as fake, what will happen to these students and their parents, It’s not hard to imagine. 

These students can neither study further nor apply for jobs on the basis of these degrees. 

After all, why are these students cursed to bear the brunt of the lapse of the system? After all, who will supply their money and precious time? 

Once the UGC had declared more than a hundred universities as fake. But despite that, new fake universities are coming to the fore, so what was the regulatory and monitoring system doing? Why the situation was allowed to create a cloud of crisis over the future of thousands of students? 

Why don’t governments make efforts to open new government schools with public participation so that thousands of students don’t fall prey to fake universities. 

If the government does not have enough resources, it should also promote the option of extending reliable education through correspondence. 

Along with this, it should also be ensured that through correspondence with degree holders there should be no discrimination in jobs. 

The rulers will have to think that every year lakhs of children are choosing the option of studying abroad due to lack of better universities in the educational world.

 In which we have to spend a huge amount of our valuable foreign exchange. These students also rarely return to India after studying abroad. This situation is not good for the country.

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