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Terror Is On By BJP: CPIM On The Eve Of of By-Elections In Dhanpur, Boxanagar

The CPIM party raised allegations of political terror on the eve of by-election polling in Dhanpur and Boxanagar constituencies.

MLA Shyamal Chakraborty and party Sonamura sub- divisional secretary Ratan Saha made this complaint in a press conference in Sonamura on Monday.

The CPM leadership said that in Dhanpur, the ruling party workers attacked the houses of CPIM party workers and supporters throughout the night. They publicly threatened not to go to vote. At least thirty houses were attacked by them. As a result, the people of the area are terrified.

CPIM demanded that administration has to ensure that voters can go to the polling station and vote. It was also alleged in the press conference that the BJP party workers had gheraoed the houses of the opposition party supporters by carrying out raids throughout the night. They had to promise to vote for BJP. Outside the boundaries of Dhanpur Constituency in several areas such as Kamrangatli, Urmai, Bhavanipur area the outsiders have taken shelter. On polling day they will enter the polling area and help the locals to turn the voting into a farce. As per the instructions of the Election Commission, after all the campaigning is over, any outsider can’t stay in election bound area.

“However, even though it was nine o’clock on Sunday night, the outsiders did not move from Dhanpur area. Even a mile-long queue of vehicles was observed in front of the Union Minister’s house. Finally, when the CPIM party informed the District Superintendent of Police, he took action and sent them outside the assembly constituency area, but the outsiders remained at certain points” said CPIM.

The CPIM leadership said that every day the ruling party has spread money in the entire assembly constituency area under the influence of the MLAs and the leadership. The same complaint has been made in the case of Boxnagar assembly constituency.

They allege that the BJP has accounted for the number of people joining their party on a daily basis, It shows that forty one thousand people joined their party. But the number of voters of Boxanagar is forty three thousand.

BJP candidate Tafazzal Hossain stood directly in front of CPIM candidate Mizan Hossain and said that no polling agent should be there. The candidate himself is involved in terror. Despite being so optimistic about his victory, why show terror, fear and intimidation? What is the fear of the BJP? The CPIM leadership demanded the Election Commission to make arrangements so that people can go to polling stations and cast their votes without fear.

“People can only vote. CPIM does not think about victory or defeat The Election Commission should ensure that people can vote themselves” said CPIM leadership.

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