Terrorism Is Terrorism- Proves Hamas

The final fate of Hamas and the Gaza region under its rule is decided. Israel is very angry and is a country with great technological power. It will heave a sigh of relief only after turning Hamas into ‘dust’. 

This is also the nature of Israel. Millions of people have been displaced from Gaza. Where they will go after migration is not certain yet. Israel has stopped the supply of electricity, water, food, medicines etc. to Gaza. 

This is also a trampling of human rights, but also an inevitable consequence of war. Israel, the United States and Egypt have agreed that people with Western passports can cross the border into Egypt. 

No Arab country is ready to give shelter to the displaced refugees of Gaza in their country. On the other hand, a coordinated attack by the Israeli army is ready on the possible bases of Hamas and the hideouts of terrorists. 

The attack will be carried out simultaneously from sky, land and sea. The Israeli army has claimed to have killed two top Hamas commanders – Ali Qadi and Murad Abu Murad. These commanders had led the horrific attacks carried out on Israel on October 7. 

However, so far more than 3500 people, from both sides, have been killed and the number of injured is said to be more than 12,000. 

How far these figures will go after the latest attacks by the Israeli Army can only be guessed at the moment. 

Of course, this is war, so even innocent people will be affected . Dead bodies of innocent people will also be scattered, but it should also be accepted that this is a war against terrorism. 

Israel has not invaded Palestine. US Secretary of State Blinken has met Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. 

Obviously there must have been some discussion in the context of war also! Actually Hamas is 100 percent terrorist organization.

Just as Jaish-e-Mohammed, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Tehreek Taliban in Pakistan, Taliban and Haqqani in Afghanistan, Hezbollah in Lebanon, Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and Boko Haram in Nigeria etc are organized, extremist terrorist organizations, Hamas in Gaza Strip is no less a terrorist.

If Hezbollah is said to have a strength of about 1.5 lakh missiles, rockets etc., then where did Hamas get 5000 rockets and other war equipment? 

Is it still firing rockets at Israel? Which countries have been giving him financial help? Muslim organizations of India, Personal Law Board, a few leaders and so-called spokespersons and scholars should leave their prejudices and consider Hamas as a terrorist organization. 

Not considering Hamas as terrorists will not ensure the votes of Muslims. Do not compare Hamas terrorists with our national revolutionaries – Sardar Bhagat Singh, Chandrashekhar Azad, Bismil etc – and freedom fighters. This is a very nefarious and anti-national mentality. 

Israel has not imposed war on Hamas, but the terrorists have attacked and killed more than 1300 people, decapitated children, raped and murdered women, and performed ‘demonic dance’ on their naked bodies.

Of course, Israel Will definitely take revenge of his citizens. This is his nature and strength.

Our Muslim organizations and leaders are shouting and calling it an attack on Palestine’s freedom and right to life. 

This thinking and analysis itself is wrong. Muslim faces are raising questions as to why more than 1.5 lakh Palestinians were killed in the last years? Why were about 35,000 children among them murdered? 

But it is surprising that Muslim contractors have not yet considered Hamas as ‘terrorists’. Most of the Islamic countries are also silent on considering Hamas as terrorists. 

Actually, terrorism is such a fatal situation for the entire humanity, from which no country is untouched, but it is surprising that till date the United Nations has not been able to decide on a unanimous definition of terrorism. 

The United Nations has no control over the warring countries. It should be thought that if Hamas remains alive, then the corridor being built between India, Middle East, Europe and America will never take shape.

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