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Test Flight Of Mission Gaganyaan Is Successful: ISROA

Gaganyaan Mission will be launched in 2025. The test flight (TV-D1) was launched on 21 October. However, its launch was rescheduled. It was launched by ISRO. This will be the first manned mission. 

When the countdown was going on for the first time, it went on hold. There were 5 seconds left when the countdown stopped. 

Earlier it was to be launched at 8:30 am, but it went on hold 5 seconds earlier. Then it was launched at 10 am o’clock.

After this its launch was rescheduled. ISRO Chief had already told that before the final launch of Mission Gaganyaan, at least one flight will be launched every month. He said that every month we will do at least one launch.

ISRO Chief S Somnath said that I am happy to inform that the TV-DV1 (crew module) mission has been successfully launched. He has congratulated the entire ISRO team on this success.

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