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“The Attack Is Not Only On NewsClick…” Manik Sarkar

In the remembrance meeting of veteran Journalist Partha Sengupta former Chief Minister Manik Sarkar said that the condition of the country is very bad. The attack on democracy is coming from the ruling party of the country. Attacking the fourth pillar of democracy. In last 8-9 years, 95 percent of the country’s media has been controlled by the ruling party.

The police action on News Click office in New Delhi, the arrest of journalists including the Editor, the raid on the houses of journalists, the incidents of harassment came up in the speech of Sarkar.

In this context, he said, it would be wrong to think that this attack is only on NewsClick, to scare them. The ruling party is afraid. They are unable to digest the way a small number of media outlets are exposing them.

Hence they picked up 1/2 media and pressed to give a message to the rest who are trying to stand up against the rulers and exploiters.

In such a situation, the ruling class become proactive for an all-out attack.

About Tripura’s experience, Manik Sarkar said that it was the newspaper that closed it down. The attack on the Daily Desher Kotha ( Bengali Mouthpiece of CPIM) is also due to that reason.

Manik Sarkar said to all the democratic forces that any sharp and sharp attack from the ruling group is a sign of the weakness of the ruling party. They are not able to trust people in the process of alienation that has started. People can’t trust them either. The fear before the ruler is whether it can stay in power.

In this situation, it is necessary to unite not only to resist, but also to spread the message of fighting against the ruling party and bring new people along.

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