The Decreasing Women Workforce In India

In recent decades, the number of working women in India has decreased significantly. 

According to the World Bank, the share of women in the formal and informal workforce in India was 27 per cent in 2005, which came down to 23 per cent in 2021. 

According to a 2018 Thomson Reuters Foundation survey, India was ranked 120th out of 131 countries in terms of women’s participation in the workforce. 

There are obviously many reasons behind the lack of women in the workplace in India. 

These include responsibility of taking care of children, taking care of home after marriage, lack of skills, educational disruption and lack of jobs. 

Women should not work outside the home Such beliefs are also responsible for this. 

The Thomson Reuters Foundation survey report said that India is one of the most dangerous countries for women – especially in terms of the risk of sexual violence. Concern is often raised about the declining number of women in the workforce, but there is little talk of practical solutions.

This problem is related to social beliefs as well as to the economy and its crisis. 

When it comes to firing workers in a company, women are the first to be fired.

 As women face gender inequality and double discrimination of patriarchal society, and now the government has also diverted attention from creating favorable conditions at workplaces for women, the problem is getting aggravated. 

There is a need to pay attention to those women who do not want to be confined within the four walls of the house and are looking for opportunities to work outside.

Along with this, appropriate options will have to be made available to those women who want to return to work after leaving the job. 

But all this can happen only in a planned and such an economy, where the government understands its role in making policies. 

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