The Dream Of ‘Developed Nation’ In 2047 And The Fact

Addressing the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort, Modi set two important goals and announced them. 

One, India will be a ‘developed nation’ in 2047, 100 years after independence. Second, the decisions that will be taken and work done in the next 5 years will have an impact for 1000 years. 

In view of the goals, the Prime Minister sought help and blessings from the people of the country. Little effort was left to ask for votes. This is purely a political call. 

Prime Ministers like Jawaharlal Nehru, Indira Gandhi and Atal Bihari Vajpayee did not use the Red Fort as a political platform. 

It was also surprising when Prime Minister Modi claimed that he would come again in 2024 and enumerate his achievements from the Red Fort. 

Historic Red Fort and 15th August, Independence Day is a symbol of ‘National Festival’. From there the Prime Minister’s national address should not be ‘political’. Prime Minister Modi has fixed the first target period of 24 years. Should the country not question him or his successor prime ministers for so long? 

The second target is of the year 3023. Can the world and global equations be imagined till then? 

Five year plans have been in practice in India. After that, the Prime Minister, the cabinet and the concerned experts review what are the achievements of the schemes. Or the goals have lagged behind, then what could be their reasons and solutions? The Prime Minister’s 3023 target and agenda do not seem meaningful. Who will be his accountability and responsibility? So what could be their causes and solutions? 

Of course, even the target of 2047 seems ‘dreamy’, as the World Bank currently puts India in the ‘lower middle income’ category, as our per capita national income is globally very low.

 The meaning of becoming a ‘developed nation’ is that every person, citizen must get ‘economic opportunities’. 

Indeed, we have the largest population under the age of 30 in the world. That is also our strength. That power can create a ‘developed economy’ when the issue of unemployment is addressed seriously. 

Unemployment in India is a worrying concern and its national rate is around 8 per cent. The conditions are very bad in the states. Exams for government recruitments keep getting postponed. 

Even if selected, the appointment letter and joining are put on hold. The appointment letters that are being distributed these days are like ‘cumin in the camel’s mouth’. 

Thousands of workers are seen protesting on the streets, Because the payment of their salaries hangs in the balance. How can such an India become ‘developed’ by 2047 or even after?

At least the Prime Minister should address the anomalies of the current system. The female labor force participation rate in India was around 24 per cent in 2022, while the global average is around 47 per cent. The Prime Minister has announced from the Red Fort that he will make 2 crore women ‘Lakhpati’ and strengthen rural self-help groups. This is the foundation of any developed nation, which has just been announced to be built. 

We are neither pessimistic nor skeptical of the Prime Minister’s goals, but worried about the hollow foundation, hence asking questions. 

The Prime Minister has also announced ‘Vishwakarma Yojana’. 

Craftsmen, masons, goldsmiths etc. who work with hands and tools, they will be helped under this scheme. Were they not covered in the existing schemes of the country? Was Mudra loan not available to them? Some such questions are regarding bank loan for home. Nothing will be achieved just by giving some rebate in interest. 

The government should put pressure on the banks to give loans to citizens above 60 years and fix easy installments.

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