The Fire Must Not Spread…

Instead of stopping the riots that have been going on for the last three months in Manipur, its effects are now visible in the neighboring state of Mizoram as well. Tension is also reported to rise in Mizoram after a video purportedly showing two women being stripped naked and paraded in Manipur went viral. 

In this context, PAMRA, a group of ex-militants, on Saturday asked the Meitei community of Manipur living in Mizoram to leave Mizoram as soon as possible. 

After that panic spread among these people and many people started leaving from there by plane or by road. This situation is not only unfortunate but extremely dangerous. 

There is no doubt that whatever has happened and is happening in Manipur, the amount of criticism that can be given to it is less. 

Efforts are being made to control the situation there. However, a lot needs to be done on how to take those efforts forward and by what measures to make them effective. 

The biggest thing is that there is no discussion on it in the Parliament. The Center and the opposition need to take immediate steps to resolve this impasse at the earliest so that a political consensus can be seen on the events in Manipur and efforts to handle the situation there can be intensified.

But in the meanwhile it is also necessary to take care that the fire of Manipur does not spread to other areas. 

It is good that no violence has been reported from Mizoram so far. PAMRA’s alleged threat was also immediately taken cognizance of by the Home Ministry of the state government and PAMRA also clarified that the statement given by them was of advisory nature. 

But such advice is not expected from any responsible organization. If something unpleasant has happened in any part of the country, then it is natural to feel sad or troubled, but the people who are guilty of those unpleasant incidents, the anger should also be only against those people, the demand for punishment should also be made for them only. 

If any one whole group is considered or told to be guilty for it, then it is also communal, It is a sample of casteist or racist thinking. If the incidents in Manipur are showing tension in Mizoram, then responsible organizations should try to restore the atmosphere, the solution of which is to assure the people of Manipur that you should not panic, we are with you. 

Not that they should be advised to leave the area. It is necessary that the state government should be especially careful from the elements who spread disturbances in such an environment.

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