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Thief Suspicion: Youth Beaten To Death At GB Area

A man suspected of being a thief was beaten to death allegedly by a mob after they allegedly caught him sneaking into a shop in GBP area. Incident took place Saturday last. According to the police incident took place in the morning while he was sitting on the balcony of a shop in GBP market said Keshab Dey, father in law of deceased Prasenjit Saha. The family members have registered a case with the police station and said he was engaged in welding worker. “If he was thief and even if had he looted from the shops the locals could have called the police and hand him over to let the law to play its rule against him. He was killed on suspected thieve, even though he was not found doing anything inappropriate” Said his family members. It’s worthy to mention that this is not the first such instance in the state. A number of such incidents have been reported in the state earlier. The mob lynching which was at its peak in 2018 claimed several lives earlier in the state.

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