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TIPRA Betrays. Become Value Less Bringing BJP In Power: Tripura CPIM

“BJP has used the common tribal people as a weapon to win the elections. The ruling party played game with their economic, social and existence. And the upper level leadership of TIPRA Motha helped them. All though TIPRA Motha leaders campaigned against BJP in this Election but actually they helped BJP secretly to retain power in the state. Today due to TIPRA Motha and BJP tribals in Tripura are endangered” 

This is how CPIM Tripura State Secretary and MLA Jitendra Chowdhury hits BJP.

Addressing a press conference on Thursday Choudhury also said:

“The political philosophy and ideology of the BJP government is not in favor of the people of India or the poor. This government has never wanted the development of the people of the country and will never want it again”

“A year before the elections, the Union Finance Minister came to Tripura and told that she will send Rs 1300 crore from Delhi for the tribals. But till date that money is not received” 

“Budget was presented twice after TIPRA Motha came to power in TTAADC. Rs 6000 crore was allocated for the people in last year’s budget. But only 500 crores have been given. This proves that the BJP government is playing tricks with the people of the tribal section”

“Now the BJP government has again started the game of appointing mediators to meet the demands of Tipra Motha”

“Despite knowing everything, Tipra Motha has helped BJP to win the 2023 assembly elections.  The senior leadership of Tipra Motha is playing with the sentiments of lakhs of tribal with the help of interlocutor”

“During the elections TIPRA Motha leaders told the common tribals of the state that BJP is their prime enemy. They told for BJP mukta Tripura. Greater Tipraland was their demand. That’s why they not responsed to left front. Front also not called them second time”

” But it is seen that TIPRA not only gave candidates in 20 ST reserved seat but also 22 seats of plains. Although they was confirmed that thry will not win in those 22 seats. More over BJP will be benefited in those seats for vote dividing. According due to vote dividing BJP captured the power( 32+1) for second time. TIPRA Motha made fool the common tribals in 2023 elections also to bring BJP in power as of 2018. BJP captured power although they gets 11% less vote from 2018. 60% people of the state votes to remove BJP from power”.

” Only due to TIPRA Motha restoration of democracy not succeeded in Tripura. If Motha not conspired bringing forward the Greater Tipraland issue than Left-Congress alliance would get 33 seats, TIPRA Motha would get 18 and BJP would get only 9 seats. But it’s not happened due to betray of TIPRA Motha. Now TIPRA Motha become value less bringing BJP in power”.

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