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TIPRA Called Bandh To Help BJP. Bandh Promoted By BJP: Jiten Coudhury

“By passing the 125th Constitution Amendment Bill in Parliament, BJP is not giving more power and fund to ADC. Even Kokborok language is not included in eighth schedule ‘A’ by BJP. However, there is no movement for these issues in the interest of lakhs of tribal people of the state. On the contrary, Tipra Motha is called Bandh in TTAADC on Saturday to help BJP and divert people’s attention” CPIM Tripura State Secretary Jitenda Choudhury lashed out against the BJP at the left youth rally at Paradise Chowmuhani held in Agarla on Friday.

He also said that the so-called tribal leaders helped the BJP to seize power by raising the demand for Tipraland in 2018 and Greater Tipraland in 2023. These leaders have misled and cheated the people of all tribal sections including the tribal masses of the state. CPIM had earlier said that statehood is impossible in Tripura. But these tribal leaders betrayed the name of statehood only to bring BJP to power. Now where is the separate state?

“Education, health, electricity, drinking water, jum cultivation, agriculture system in the tribal areas of the state have collapsed due to their mismanagement. Village committee elections are not taking place. No work, no food, selling children and dying of starvation is there. But there is no movement in the interest of the tribal people. The Bandh is promoted by the BJP.” Choudhury said.

“Now this bandh drama is being played to hide their own failure and to help BJP. If the home ministry and the ministers are worried about the tribal people of the state, why this Bandh drama. But the people of the state and the tribal people have now realized this trick. Even ready to give suitable answer” he added

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