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TIPRA Holds Massive Rally In Amarpur. Animesh Criticized PM Modi

“He could not win Tiprasa’s heart by saying a few words. If he want to win Tiprasa’s heart, talks about Greater Tipraland, then only win the heart of Tiprasas” EM of TTADC Animesh Debbarma said this while addressing a public meeting organized at the new girls’ school grounds at Natunbazar ADC village under Amarpur sub-division on Tuesday. 

He said that the meaning of Greater Tipraland is that there is a demand to make Greater Tipraland with the part where Tiprasa is located outside the ADC. 

He said that the people of all parts will live in peace and harmony within this Greater Tipraland.

Animesh Debbarma challenged the current law minister about the assembly seat from the stage and said whether the BJP can win the Mohanpur assembly seat in the upcoming assembly elections. Only Tipra will be mentioned. Because there is no alternative to Tipra Motha. 

He said that Tipra is the future. Modi arrived on December 18, arranging thirteen types of dance songs around his visit. 20 thousand chairs were arranged in the field. But there were no people in the field. Modi was brought in after spending 20 crore rupees. One crore rupees was spent for the toilet. Even 10,000 chairs were removed from the field as there were no people in the field. And those who were in the field were ASHA workers, TCS officers, police, All the clerks including government employees have arranged the ground but still there are no people. And the BJP leaders are claiming that there were ten times as many people outside the field. Did Narendra Modi’s eyes see the outside with God’s eyes? 

Therefore, he raised slogans from the stage for these BJP leaders saying, “Mothers and sisters, Tipra Motha is coming”. 

Animesh Debbarma gave a harsh account to the BJP from the stage. It is not possible to buy Tripura with BJP’s 1200 crore budget. Deputy CEM Animesh Debbarma urged those who want good governance and development of poor people to join Tipra Motha. 

He said Tipra will not rule by hurting any caste or religion. And the current government has failed to fill more than one lakh vacant posts in the state. If the Tipra Matha government is established in the next assembly elections, it will show the right direction to the unemployed youth of the state. It will also provide real employment. Don’t lie like Biplab Deb. 

Therefore Bangladesh is not equal to a coconut of the size of India. And since Modi is crying, he asks to send a battalion of Indian Army to save the Bengalis of Bangladesh. But Modi will not do it. They have come to deceive Bengalis with words. Narendra Modi has come to enter the state of Tripura by spending 3400 crore rupees. But Modi Babu has not built a house and he will enter any house. And this is the first time that the Prime Minister of India is talking about Griha Prabesh without building it. 

Animesh Debbarma took a dig at that.  90 voters from 32 families joined Tipra Motha on this day. 

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