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Tipra Motha Also Making Political Gains By Misleading The Tribal: Jitendra

“People of all sections unite against the politics of division” CPI(M) Tripura State Committee Secretary Jitendra Choudhury calls.

Regarding the work to be done by all levels of party leaders, workers and supporters, he said, the mistakes of the confused people should be rectified. Go to them. Explain and bring them with us.

He was addressing a meeting in Magh Para of North Vijaypur in Sabroom under South Tripura District on Wednesday.

This meeting was organized under the initiative of CPI(M) Sabroom Divisional Committee. People from different parts of the area gathered.

Choudhury said that the situation is going to a terrible direction and there is a planned attempt to create division between people in the name of caste and religion. It is directly supported by the coalition government. The incident of caste riots in Manipur is showing the whole world with their fingers. It is not taking any initiative to stop it. Thousands of people are without homes. More than 150 people died. Where is the country’s government? Where is the government of Manipur?

Chowdhury said that Tripura is not different from what is going on in the entire country under BJP rule.

Tripura ranks first in drug in India. Assam at number one and Tripura at number five in crime.

“REGA work reduced. Business is slowing down. On the other hand like IPFT, Tipra Motha is also making political gains by misleading the tribal people by raising fierce slogans. People are starting to understand that now. IPFT is almost over. People’s faith is ovee even from Tipra Matha. Their ending will also be similar to IPFT” he said.

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