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Tipra Motha Delegates Stages Dharna Before Rajbhavan To Meet Governor

Elected representatives including Tipra Motha supremo Pradyot Kishore Debbarman were not allowed to enter the Raj Bhavan to meet the Governor on Friday.

According to the report they went to provide deputation before the Governor regarding various problems.

 But the delegation of elected public representatives including Tipra Motha supremo Pradyot Kishore Debbarman could not enter the Raj Bhavan.

After going in front of the main gate of the Raj Bhavan, the security personnel informed that Governor Satyadeo Narayan Arya was busy. So they have no chance to meet. 

Finally, the group of public representatives including Pradyot sat on dharna at the street in the blazing sun in front of the main gate of the Raj Bhavan. 

Speaking with the press Pradyot Kishore Debbarman said that:

Funds are not being given to TTAADC. Due to this, ADCs are plagued with various problems including water shortage, lack of employment, deterioration of education standards. We can’t develop anything due to lack of fund. And other bills including land bill, consumer law are stuck. 

But before the elections, everyone said that the TTAADC would be fully empowered. Far from power, when we came to meet Governor to raise this demand, he was seen to be busy. 

Pradyot said in a tone of regret, “We gave the shalter who came to Tripura as refugees during the liberation war of Bangladesh, today our elected representatives did not even get a glass of water after coming in front of the Raj Bhavan.”

” Many bills have been introduced after the establishment of TTAADC. But not a single bill was passed. Where is the objection to pass the Bill which contains the Customary Law” he said. 

Finally, on this day, the delegation sat in front of the Raj Bhavan and waited for a while and came back again.

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