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Tipraland: Pradyot, Noatia Meets AK Mishra Separately In Delhi

The party’s top leadership met AK Mishra in Delhi on Thursday to discuss the demand of Greater Tipraland led by former Tipra Matha chairman Pradyot Kishore Manikya Debbarman.

On this day, Pradyot said that, the leaders of Tipra Motha have come to Delhi for a constitutional solution.

During the visit to Delhi, the representatives of Tipra Motha held discussions not only with AK Mishra but also with officials of the Union Home Ministry. 

Meanwhile, leaders of BJP’s alliance partner IPFT in Tripura also met AK Mishra under the leadership of Minister Shukla Charan Noatia on Tipraland demand.

Pradyot expressed great relief through a tweet after this meeting. 

He felt that all the criticisms on social media over the last few months are answered after a meeting with Home Ministry officials and AK Mishra. 

He remained steadfast in his commitment to find a constitutional solution to the demand for Greater Tipraland to resolve the problems of the people of Tripura.

He became very emotional on the day, saying that despite facing considerable challenges and enduring personal hardships, he remained unwavering in his concern for the welfare of the tribal. 

He believes that those who mocked and doubted him in the past will now realize. 

Pradyot claims that his love and commitment to the betterment of the tribal community remains unwavering.

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