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Tiprasa Journalists Holds Dharna On 11 Point Demands

Tiprasa journalists of Tripura holds Dharna on the street at the main gate of the TTAADC Council Building, alleging discrimination in the distribution of advertisements by the Information and Culture Department of TTAADC.

All the employees of ADC’s Information and Culture Department and all government employees of the Council Building were stuck on the road on Friday. 

The police of Radhapur police station immediately rushed to the spot after receiving the information.

It is known that Tripura Indigenous People’s Press Association and Tiprasa Photo Media Association, Khumulung Press Club, Korbuk Press Club, Ampi Press Club, Ambasa Tiprasa Press Club, Hejamara Press Club, Jampuijala Press Club and Jirania Press club for overall development of Tiprasa media channels and media workers.

All members of the Press Club and Khowai Tiprasa Press Club presented a total of 11 points demands. 

Khumulung Press Club President Angsuman Debbarma, Secretary Ranjit Debbarma, Tripura Indigenous People’s Press Association President Gautam Debbarma, Tiprasa Photo Media Association President Biplab Kumar Tripura, Secretary , presidents and all members of seven press clubs were present in the sit in program.

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