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TNGCL: CNG Carrying Drivers Facing Problems At Gas Points. Expressed Anger

TNGCL gas supply truck drivers have to pay for loading problem. Many times they are being attacked.

The CNG carrying drivers expressed their anger. 

TNGCL has CNG gas points at various places outside the capital to supply gas to various vehicles including autorickshaws.

Gas is taken to those points like capital’s Krishnanagar TRTC, Chandrapur ISBT and Khaeyrpur. 

Drivers who take gas to different points are allegedly facing various problems. 

They expressed their anger . Their complaint is low line pressure at the loading point. 

On top of that there are machine problems. As a result loading is delayed. 

The drivers alleged that after loading, when they go to different points for providing gas, the auto rickshaw or Maruti drivers who are standing for gas in advance get angry with them saying that they are late. 

Sometimes even beat the gas delivery vehicles’ drivers. Therefore, the drivers of TNGCL’s gas delivery vehicles demanded to solve this problem. 

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