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To Combat Gender Stereotypes Within Legal Community SC Launches Handbook

Supreme Court launches Gender Stereotypes Combat Handbook to crack down on derogatory words used for women. Which will guide to avoid using inappropriate gender words in the court.

The Supreme Court launched a handbook towards gender sensitivity in legal proceedings, which lists words and phrases laden with gender stereotypes and cautions judges against using them in court orders.

Launching the handbook on Wednesday (August 16), Chief Justice DY Chandrachud said that the handbook would make it easier for judges and advocates to understand which words are stereotypical and how to avoid them.

At the launch of ‘Handbook on Combating Gender Stereotypes’, Chief Justice DY Chandrachud said that the guidebook is meant to identify and eliminate the use of words and phrases that create gender bias in court orders and legal language.

He said it helps judges identify and avoid stereotypes by first identifying language that promotes gender stereotypes and offering alternative words and phrases.

“In such a situation, you are going to tell some such words, which have been mentioned in this handbook- Affair, Prostitute/Hooker, Unwed Mother (Binbyahi Maa), Child Prostitution, Bastard, Eve Teasing, Provocative Clothing/Dress, Effeminate, Concubine/ funnel. In place of these words, replacement words have been mentioned in the handbook” he said.

During this, CJI DY Chandrachud cited many objectionable words which have been used for women in previous court decisions. 

He said, “These words are inappropriate and have been used for women in court decisions. The purpose of this booklet is not to criticize or cast doubt on those decisions. It is only to underline that gender stereotyping inadvertently How does it stay.

He said the handbook aims to define these stereotypes and spread awareness among them. This will help judges identify words that are stereotypical towards women. He also said that the handbook would be uploaded on the website of the Supreme Court.

Let us tell you that in a public program in March, the Chief Justice had said that a booklet is being worked on to mark gender stereotypes.

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