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To Know India: Bihar Youth In Agartala After Traveling 13 States On Bicycle

Dhiraj Kumar, a highly educated young man from Bihar who has passed MPhil, is traveling to India on his own bicycle with the aim of getting to know the whole of India and visualizing and gaining experience in various subjects including manners, customs and principles of the people of every state of India.

Six months ago, Dhiraj took decision to know and recognize India. And because of that willpower, he quit his job and got out on his bicycle to travel India. 

Dhiraj has so far traveled to 13 states including Punjab, Sikkim and Mizoram and reached Tripura as the 14th state.

He left for Agartala via Teliamura on National Highway No. 8, Assam-Agartala on Friday afternoon. 

Dhiraj Kumar said that he is traveling to different states by bicycle to get to know India, to talk to people, to try to know the manners of people, to know the social, cultural movement of the people.

He also said that he is still involved in studies and has done MPhil. He also used to work. Before attending the international seminars on his job, questions arose in his head. 

First, needs to know India? Need to know people, need to talk to different people. How do people make a living? So he set out on a bicycle trip from Punjab to India.

So far, according to the Dhiraj Mizoram has been ranked first among 13 states. Sikkim in second place and Punjab in third place. 

After traveling to Agartala in the state of Tripura, he will reach Shillong in Meghalaya by bicycle. 

Dhiraj also said that the information collected from each state is being recorded in the diary.

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