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To Protect The Interests Of The Common People, BJP Must Be Oust From Power: Manik Sarkar

CPIM Politburo member Manik Sarkar addressed the state convention of Tripura Tapashili Jati Samannay Samiti (SC Coordination Committee) at Agartala Town Hall on Saturday.

Speaking in the Convention, he said that:

“BJP panicked. Not finding any way to fight back. So the more people can be mobilized in the fight against the BJP, the more the message of the fight to oust the BJP, from the opposition platform in the 2024 Lok Sabha election, will gain strength among the common people. Because if we want to protect the interests of the people, there is no other way than removing the BJP from the government”

“So for this, people have to take to the streets in Tripura as well.  BJP had been able to come to the government in the 2023 assembly elections due to the division of votes. Otherwise, BJP could not have come to power”

“The Communist Party of India has been winning the Dhanpur assembly constituency since the day it was created. But this time, the main reason behind the ruling party winning there by getting more than eighteen thousand votes is that the ruling party BJP did not allow people to vote.

“sometimes the Left Front would win in the Boxanagar constituency, sometimes the Congress would win. But the main reason behind the greater margin of victory this time is that BJP did not allow voting there like in Dhanpur. The main reason behind BJP not allowing people to vote at the center in two assemblies is that with the 2023 elections they are realizing that people do not trust them”. 

” BJP knew very well that if people weree allowed to vote freely, they would lose the Boxnagar assembly seat as well as the Dhanpur assembly seat which was taken away by force in the 2023 assembly elections. So all the leadership of the party jumped in and turned the by-elections of these two assembly constituencies into a farce”

In the convention, CPIM Tripura State Secretary Jitendra Choudhury said that Agartala Municipal Corporation recently has increased the property tax several times. Which will be in other municipal corporations of the state in the coming days. 

Jitendra Choudhury said that it will affect not only urban areas but also rural areas. 

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