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Today’s Educative Women and their Freedom (The conclusion )

” God helps those who help themselves.” – This is very familiar wording. In these few words are hidden all solution of women’s problem. But it is very sad to say this, maximum women, educative women also faithless on herself. She always want to depends on other & she feels proud for it. Yes…. Reader I want to say about those foolish women who are educated, independent, intelligent, but like to leave under any male person. Trying to make him happy by doing uncountable sacrifices for him. But that’s enough is enough. Time is coming to stop all these works & Women should understand that they are not coming on earth only for sacrifices. From ancient times the discrimination between men & women are continuing. Sita, Radha, Draupadi etc every woman are victim of all types of discrimination. This picture can’t change today’s also. Illiterate women definitely, even lettered women are not free from it’s hand. Now time is coming to say goodbye to these oldest theory. It is very unfortunate part of our society that one educative women always want to marry a person who is more qualified in education as well as economically. One employed women never marry an unemployed man, but one employed man easily can marry an unemployed women. This mind set will be change. Every woman should marry a person who is good & to be a perfect life partner for her, not more powerful from her. By this way man can’t found the opportunity to suppress women. Education give the power to understand what is right or wrong. Women show respect & manner to the other for a proper limitations. If anybody cross it, she immediately protest & define their actual limitations. Don’t think twice to do it. For debate, if we get along that women are physically weak, but mentally she is too much intelligence and it is scientifically proof. She should be use her this power properly and effectively to handle any situation in her life. Women should realize that opportunity will not land in their laps. They will have to create them and if need be, fight for them. The women should fight back to restore their dignified position in society. They should thrive hard to enforce their rights and establish due justice, equality in society & work hard for total elimination of domestic violence, dowry-ills, illiteracy, negative thinking for women and overall effective implementation of all women related programs and laws.

We and our society always habituated and like to see a woman caring, loving, sacrificing, obedient for others. This one angular attitude should be change .This is a message for all women to do everything for
Other’s but don’t give the chance to give decision and justification to the woman’s, that in what way she spend her life . We always say to our girls don’t wear short dresses, don’t come out in the road alone at night, always keep distance from bad boys. But from this time we should advice our boys to give respect to every girls and don’t think they are weak. Woman can teach this fast to there child as a mother this the women who can only help the women. ……mother. This is the women who can only help the women. Now-a-days their are many schemes are implement for women welfare, like- Beti padhao, beti bacho, women helpline scheme, STEP for women, Swadhar greh scheme, pradhanmantri Mantru vandana yojana, NMEW, RMK, She Box portal etc. All this schemes became fruitfull when we change our thinking, our mentality and understanding the real value of women in our life . Women are the most important human resource and asset in Accelerating economic growth and ensuing social change in the desired direction. If we really want to eradicate there problems, then both men and women have to change there mind -sets. Jawahallal Neheru has pointed out, “To awaken the people, it is the women who must be awakened. Once she is on the move, the family moves the village move and the nation moves.”

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