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Torture, Harassment: HRC Recommends Action Against SI Of Tripura Police

The Human Rights Commission of the Tripura has recommended action against a sub-inspector of Tripura police for torturing and harassing a person.

Tripura Human Rights Commission considers this incident as a major violation of human rights.

Commission recommended to the Tripura government to compensate the person.

Tripura Human Rights Commission issued a press release regarding this. There they said that a woman named Moni Das Shiv complained of human rights violation to them. She is a resident of Narsinghagarh, Tripura.

Her complaint was that on September 11, 2022, her husband Sujit Kumar Shiv was forcibly taken from their home. The two people who took them, one of them is Suman Miah and the other is Rabil Miah.

In the complaint filed with the Human Rights Commission, the woman also said that they took Sujit to the Agartala Airport Police Station From there, Sub-Inspector of Tripura Police Biswajit Das took him to Ramnagar outpost. Sujit was tortured there. He was harassed.

Considering the seriousness of the complaint, the commission started the investigation. On behalf of the Human Rights Commission, the DG of Tripura Police and the Investigation Department of the Commission have been directed to look into the matter.

After this, the report given by the DG of Tripura Police and the investigation department of the commission was reviewed.

All the documents related to the investigation are examined. The Commission then came to the conclusion that it was SI Biswajit Das who tortured Sujit kumar Shiv.

So it has recommended the Tripura government to take action against him.

At the same time, the Tripura Human Rights Commission has ordered to pay Rs 1 lakh as compensation to Shiv.

The home department of that state have to pay this compensation within one month This amount to be paid from the salary of SI Biswajit Das.

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