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Total 81 Murders In 9 Month. No Data Of ‘Crime Against Women’ In The Official Website Of Tripura Police

With average 9 murders per month Tripura registered 91 murder cases in various police stations from January to September 2020. In 2019 it was total 93, shows the official data released by Tripura police. Tripura also registered 91 cases of kidnapping in first nine month of current year with an average 10 kidnappings per month. In 2019 it was total 105 with average 9 kidnapping cases per month. Cases of Theft and Dacoity registered respectively 234 and 3 in various police stations of Tripura from January to September 2020. According to the official data of Tripura Police, 10 and 7 murder cases registered respectively in August and September 2020. Significantly there is no data of Crime Against Women in the official website of Tripura Police.

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