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TPP, CPIM(L), Gana Mancha Jointly Placed Deputation To DGP Tripura For Rule Of Law

An atmosphere of unrest has been created in the state since the election results has been announced. 

Therefore, Tripura People Party, CPIM (L) , Gana Mancha jointly placed deputation to the Director General of Tripura Police demanding appropriate steps to maintain peace and order in the state as well as to restore rule of law.

The representatives of these public forums alleged that:

“Even though a month and a half has passed since the declaration of the results of the 2023 Tripura Assembly elections, terror has not stopped in various parts of the state. Many people are still unable to stay at homes, areas. Somewhere  poison is being poured into ponds. Somewhere else the vegetable fields of helpless farmers are being destroyed”

” Somewhere rubber trees are being set on fire. Many traders are still unable to open shops. Many people are not able to go out on the road with auto or E-Rickshaw. Thousands of rupees are being fined in the name of extortion. Police not taking any effective action to combat these terror incidents”. 

Due to which, on Tuesday afternoon, the representatives of these organizations presented a memorandum of five point demands to the Director General of the state police. 

Prabin Singh of Tripura People’s Party, Subrata Bhowmik of Gana Manch and CPIML leadership were present in the delegation team.

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