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Traditional Ker Puja Begins In Tripura

Traditional Ker Puja has been celebrated on Tuesday in Tripura. Seven days after Kharchi Puja ends at the temple of the fourteenth deity, Ker Puja begins. 

All the rituals that are seen in the worship of the gods and goddesses of Hinduism, are not seen in the worship of Ker. 

It is a tantric worship. Like every year this puja is organized in Rajbari, Ujjayanta Palace. Chantai was the priest in the worship. This worship has been going on for him in Rajbari since time immemorial.

This pooja is done for the welfare of both tribal and non tribal. The priest said that the present government organized this campaign in the same way as during the royal period, puja was organized with regularity. 

He also said that this puja has been organized for 100 years. This Ker Puja will end on Wednesday. This ker is worshiped with fixed boundaries. 

Meanwhile, Minister of Social Welfare and Social Education Department Tinku Roy went there. Although the minister was out of boundary. Received blessings there. 

He said that Ker Puja is an important festival of the people of Tripura. Worship is done according to the rules. Minister Tinku Roy wished everyone happiness and well-being.

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