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Train Restarts Amid Covid In Tripura. Not even Thermal Screening In Stations.

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According to the government decision DEMU passengers train restarts in tripura. This is the first time in the country after suspension of passengers train due to covid19 pandemic in the last weak of March, DEMU service restarts in tripura from monday. Thermal screening of passengers will be done at stations, this was the guideline. But according to the passengers there was no such precautionary measures in the rail stations. One of the passengers namely Narayan saha of agartala-sabroom route said that “its seems corona is over. At least activities of government showing this.” Tripura already rushing towards 28000 covid19 positive case load as on till Tuesday morning tally stands close to 27500. Tripura to achive 300 covid19 death toll on tuesday as till monday toll was 298.

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