Trap For The Students….

Recently UGC has released the list of twenty fake universities opened across the country. These universities do not have the right to grant any kind of degree. 

Eight universities in Delhi are fake. The unfortunate thing is that these universities are not ‘born’ recently but have been running for years. 

Due to lack of correct information, thousands of students get trapped in the trap of these fake universities. 

The question is why action is not taken against these fake universities that have been running for many years!

If action had been taken against such universities earlier, the threat to the future of thousands of students could have been averted. 

UGC from time to time releases the list of fake universities on its website to provide information to the students. But merely publishing the list of fake universities does not absolve the UGC and the government of their responsibility. 

Allowing such universities to function and not taking any action against their operators is an even bigger crime.

Today every street is flooded with private educational institutions, the activities of some of which are questionable. 

In the nineties of the last century, the storm of liberalization caught the education sector along with other sectors. 

Although even before that, higher education had gone into private hands in some states, but in the nineties, education was largely handed over to private hands throughout the country. 

The government took pride in privatizing education under the policy of earn yourself, eat yourself. 

Due to this policy of the government, many industrial houses left their traditional business and jumped into the field of education. Later small businessmen also joined this profitable business.

In our country, since the beginning, sponsorship of providing education has been considered charitable. 

Therefore, under the new policy of the government, by providing education, all these businessmen automatically got the cover of religion and social service. 

There could not have been a better means of earning profit under the guise of religion and social service. 

The image of a businessman engaged in the education business became that of a philanthropist instead of a profit earner. 

Unfortunately, successive governments continued to follow the same policy and gave recognition to private and deemed universities indiscriminately.

In this haste, no one paid attention to the quality of education. In fact, many times these discrepancies are deliberately ignored.

The role of officials associated with the education world in this entire process also remains doubtful. 

These officials are paid huge sums of money by the educational institutions to keep their mouth shut and grant illegal recognition. 

Therefore, in such cases, the government and its associated officials are as guilty as the operators of these fake universities.

Once again efforts are being made to change the education policy. It is unfortunate that while making changes in the education policy, our policy makers are taking some such decisions in a hurry, which are going to hurt the real objective of education. 

In this era, the condition of higher education is not hidden from anyone. It may be said that there have been many changes in the education policy, but the reality is that we are still stuck in the rut.

Today many teachers are doing excellent work by promoting innovation, but it is also a bitter truth that today the prestige of teachers is continuously decreasing. 

Amidst these discrepancies present in the education world, the new education policy has once again given an opportunity to private educational institutions to flourish in many ways. 

Now the time has come for the government to pay serious attention to the activities of dubious universities and other educational institutions that have sprung up under the guise of privatization, so that the future of thousands of students can be saved from becoming bleak.

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