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Tribal Families Facing Acute Drinking Water Crisis In Hilly Parts Of Tripura

People living in hilly areas of Tripura are suffering from drinking water crisis. They have to struggle daily for water. The only source of water is the water sucked up by the mountains.

Such a picture emerges in the remote Tuikal Para area of Mungiakami R.D block of 29 Krishnapur Assembly Constituency under Tripura Autonomous District Council.

More than 30 Janjati Reang families live in Tuikal Para area under Mungiakami RD Block of Krishnapur. 

These families are facing various problems in daily life livelihood. 

Even they are not provided houses through Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana. These tribal families are living in Tong Ghar.

It is known that even though Mungiakami R.D block administration sends drinking water to Tuikal Para area by vehicle every day, at present it is said to be closed . 

As a result, there is a severe drinking water crisis in this Tuikal Para area. The impure drinking water sucked from the mountains is currently the only resource of the people of Tuikal Para.

 Every household depends on this unsanitary water for everything from cooking to bathing.

And as a result of using this drinking water, it is alleged that zero to eighty people of Tuikal neighborhood are constantly suffering from various terrible water borne diseases.

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