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Trinamool Congress Tripura General Secretary Baptu Chakraborty Joined Congress

The opposition Congress party is strengthening its grip ahead of the 2023 Tripura Assembly elections. 

Joining programs ahead of the election is going on by the Tripura Prsdsh Congress.  In view of this, a meeting was organized by the Tripura Pradesh Congress in Agartala on Sunday.

More than 2500 activists joined the Congress party. Among them Trinamool Congress youth leader Baptu Chakraborty was among them.

The Congress leadership welcomed the participants with the party flag in their . Congress All India Secretary Szarita Laitphlang former Tripura Pradesh Congress President Gopal Roy, MLA Sudip Roy Barman, Ashish Kumar Saha and others were present in this program.

Speaking on this occasion, Sudip Roy Barman said that most of the leaders and workers of the Trinamool Congress party have already moved to the Congress party. Many members still remain in contact to return to Congress. 

Sudip Roy Burman also claims that they will join very soon. He also said that the Trinamool Congress once claimed that they are the main opposition to the BJP.

“But what has done by Trinamool, benefits the BJP. So common people consider them as B team of BJP. Even the activities and behavior of Trinamool force common people to think like this” said Sudip.

He also said that the party has not hoisted the national flag at its party headquarters for 50 years of independence. Because their statement was that the national flag is not their choice.

“They are now claiming to be the biggest patriots. Doing politics with the national flag. Congress does not do such politics” said Sudip Roy Barman. 

He even claimed that they opposed the national flag at the time of India’s independence. 

On this day, 2500 leaders and workers of TMC from different areas of the state joined the Congress party. 

 Among them, about 500 people have come from Banmalipur, the assembly constituency of former Chief Minister Biplab Kumar Deb. 

Baptu Chakraborty, who left the Trinamool Congress to join the Congress party, said, “My birth and growth belongs to the Congress family. So there is an emotional attachment with the Congress”.

On September 22 last year, he left the Congress and joined the Trinamool Congress party. 

He then felt that only the Trinamool Congress could fight the BJP. But in a span of just 11 months, he feels that the only party that can defeat the BJP is the Congress party. So he returned to the Congress party again. 

“If BJP is to be ousted from Tripura state, everyone must come on the platform of Congress. There is not much time, so people are running here and there.  Everyone will return to the Congress” said Baptu.

“The biggest corruption in the world is PM Care Fund corruption. There is no audit of this fund. The second biggest corruption in the world is Operation Lotus” alleged Baptu.

He claimed that Modi and Amit Shah should spend one day in jail for such corruptions.

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