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Trinamool Should Be Defeated In Bengal As CPIM Defeated In Tripura: Manik Saha In WB

Addressing a program at the National Library Kolkata Chief Minister of Tripura said on Saturday that, ‘Battles, bombings and murders are going on in this state.’ 

In the words of Manik Saha, ‘West Bengal has always been a place very close to us. But over the past few years we have seen a distance between West Bengal and Tripura. The main reason for this is the current political situation. Trinamool tried to go to Tripura from here. But got less votes than NOTA. People did not accept them.’

He tried to explain the difference between Calcutta and Agartala. He said, ‘When I came here from the airport, I saw that no other flag was flying here except their Trinamool flag. It hurts to see. We also have some flag pictures. I’m sure they will probably take it off as well. But you will see us there, the flags of Trinamool, CPIM, Congress are flying more than what we have. Everyone’s flag is flying. We have not left any mess anywhere on behalf of our party.’

Regarding the Tripura elections, the Chief Minister of Tripura said, ‘We have decided not to allow scientific rigging. I won’t let Chappa vote happen in Tripura. I will show you what democracy is. During the polling, there was no cheating or disorder anywhere. Now Congress CPIM has come together. I’m excited to see it. Congress flag coming out of CPIM house, CPIM flag coming out of Congress house. ‘

Chief Minister of Tripura also gave vocal tonic to BJP workers and supporters of Bengal. He also explained that BJP will win Bengal even after seeing the face of defeat in the past. 

He said, ‘Boal fish, Katla fish are being caught in the net. Trinamool should be defeated in Bengal in the same way as CPIM was defeated in Tripura. Double engine government is very much needed. Learn by watching Tripura. Tripura government is a corruption free government. People want it.’

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